Internal Regulations

-- Please read carefully before proceeding --

Item 1:

SEVENAIR VA company is a virtual non-profit using Microsoft Flight Simulator and Network International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO) for its domestic and international flights.

Item 2:

People registered with the UGVA are defined as "driver UGVA."

Item 3:

You must use your real first and last names for inclusion. The email address for registration shall be valid. It is forbidden to create a false identity. The logins UGVA site (login and password) is personal and should never be disclosed to any third person.

Item 4:

Any person wishing to register as a "pilot UGVA" must total at least 50 hours of flight on the IVAO network.

Item 5:

"UGVA drivers" are required to follow the recommendations and advice of the Directors and Managers, in their presence and their flights on the IVAO network.

Item 6:

"UGVA drivers" are required to continuously improve their aeronautical knowledge to complete their flight on the IVAO Network. It is particularly urged to know the following and come as possible what is practiced in the real world:- Phraseology aviation official French and English - IFR and VFR Procedures - Control devices used for Flight - Aeronautical Charts Section

Item 7:

The pilots UGVA "are required to complete the flight plan as proposed on the site UGVA in" preflight "

Item 8:

It is mandatory to use the correct code (callsign) as shown in flight plan during a flight network.

Item 9:

During special events on the IVAO Network (fly'in, Real Flight Event, Lan Party), the "pilot UGVA" are required to comply with the instructions and flight assignments provided by the Directors and Managers.

Item 10:

A minimum of one flight over a period of 3 months is required to keep their account active. Otherwise, unless exceptional reason, the account UGVA driver in question will be deactivated.

Item 11:

"UGVA drivers" are required to respect the rules of IVAO Network: http://www.ivao.en / dep / regulations / regulations.html Any suspension of IVAO network will also result in suspension of UGVA.

Item 12:

The downloadable files are the exclusive property of the author and UGVA.They are for personal use only and should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be available for download on another site or disclosed to any third person without the consent of the author or UGVA. Anyone violating this rule will be excluded from UGVA.

Item 13:

The pilots UGVA "represent a way of Tunisia and the Tunisian Division of IVAO with the international community of the IVAO Network. They are required to have an exemplary attitude. This attitude is reflected particularly in respect of Article 7 above.

Item 14:

The UGVA reserves the right to modify at any time this Regulation and without notice. You should periodically visit this page to be kept informed of any changes.

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